Vancouver Criminal Lawyer

At Johnson Doyle, we know that facing criminal charges can be one of the most stressful situations in your life. We also know that the justice system can be intimidating, from speaking to police officers to appearing before a judge. Your criminal lawyer will make sure you get released from jail as fast as possible, ensure that you understand the court process, and give you the information and advice you need to get through this. From the moment you are arrested, your criminal lawyer works hard to get your life back to normal.
In addition to helping you deal with any criminal charges, your criminal lawyer also helps you make changes in you life to make sure you don’t wind up in jail again.
The most important thing to find in a criminal lawyer is trust. You will need to rely on your criminal lawyer’s advice, and you need to feel comfortable placing your trust in your lawyer. Your criminal lawyer should make you feel empowered to make the right decisions throughout the court process. You need to trust that your lawyer criminal lawyer will fight for you

As soon as a police officer starts investigating you, you should hire a criminal lawyer. Decisions made in the beginning of an investigation can have dire consequences later on in the trial. If you are under investigation or have been arrested, you should hire a criminal lawyer right away.

Vancouver Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sexual Assault cases are among the most complex in the criminal justice system today. Because of the social climate, these cases often need to have a trial to prove your innocence. When the lawyers at Johnson Doyle take a sexual assault case, we start working right away on developing a defence. This often includes pre-trial applications to obtain helpful evidence or to be allowed to use defence records or ask certain questions of the complainant. 
If you have already been convicted, an experienced criminal appeal lawyer can appeal your sentence, seek bail pending appeal if you are sentenced to jail, and seek to overturn your conviction if there were legal errors.

Sexual assault convictions often lead to jail sentences. A sexual assault conviction on your record has many long-term consequences, including on vulnerable sector criminal record checks, registration as a sex offender for years, and in some cases cannot be eligible for record suspensions (a.k.a. pardons). You may have difficulty crossing the US border. The consequences of a sexual assault conviction can last well beyond any sentence imposed.

Yes. Experienced criminal lawyers often beat sexual assault charges at trial. Johnson Doyle’s lawyers have had success defending sexual assault charges at trial and on appeal. Your criminal lawyer needs to develop a strategy early on to ensure the best chances of success in court.

Vancouver Domestic Assault Lawyer

Domestic violence can be hitting someone, uttering threats to a person’s safety or their property, or even just moving towards someone during an argument. At Johnson Doyle, we deal with domestic violence murder charges as well. If the complainant is an intimate partner, the charge will be treated as a domestic violence charge by the Crown prosecutors and by the Court.

Often, the first step in a domestic assault is the most important: getting released on bail with appropriate conditions. From day one, your domestic assault lawyer will be developing a strategy to get your charges dropped, or to prepare for trial. A criminal lawyer will often work with and advise a divorce lawyer if necessary to make sure every step is in your best interest to ensure the best possible outcomes. We also work to protect your privacy until you’ve been found innocent.
While on bail for domestic assault, you may be forced to move out of your home and have no contact with the complainant, sometimes even with your children. If you are also facing a family law case, a domestic assault charge can negatively affect your outcome in the divorce. Your reputation may be at risk for facing such a charge, despite not having had a chance to prove your innocence.
If you are convicted, you can face having a criminal record or even jail.