Reasons You Should Hire a Criminal Defence Lawyer

Reasons You Should Hire a Criminal Defence Lawyer | Johnson Doyle & Nelson

In the eyes of the law, you deserve a fair shot at defending yourself if you are facing criminal charges. To improve your chances of getting a reduced sentence, milder penalties or your freedom, you should hire a criminal defence lawyer. Below are some reasons why you should hire one, whether you’re guilty or not.

They Will Ensure Your Rights Are Protected

Hiring a criminal defence lawyer is not only smart—it is your legal right. You should consult a lawyer before speaking to the police to make sure your rights are protected.

They Understand the System

If you choose to defend yourself, you’ll experience some challenges because you don’t know the intricacies of the law. Criminal defence lawyers study all aspects of the judicial system: therefore, they’re more than capable of representing you. They’re skilled at investigating and identifying inconsistencies that may be used to defend you.

They Save You Time

Time is of the essence if you’ve been arrested and charged. This is because the prosecution will be working quickly to gather evidence and statements, thereby making things worse for you. You’ll need a criminal defence lawyer to negotiate on your behalf to improve your chances of having the charges reduced or dropped.

They Know the Prosecutors

A criminal defence lawyer who has been practicing for a while should be familiar with Crown counsel where you are charged. This familiarity is important when it comes to negotiating with the Crown about your case.

They Can Protect Your Constitutional Rights

A criminal defence lawyer knows what the police are allowed to do when investigating you. They also know the arresting officers may have violated your constitutional rights. A criminal defence lawyer can easily identify these violations and use them to argue your case. This may result in dropped charges.

They Can Save You Money

It may be difficult to imagine, but spending the additional money on an experienced criminal defence lawyer is almost always worth it. Prison sentences will result in the automatic loss of your job, shattering of your reputation, disruption of your family life, lack of job opportunities if you are released and so on. A criminal defence lawyer can argue for the best sentencing possible, which could help you to salvage the things you value.

They Will Manage Your Expectations

You need a criminal defence lawyer who can advise you on all the possible penalties you may face if convicted rather than one who’ll give you false hope. They’ll guide you along each step of the case. Additionally, they’ll let you know when it’s a good idea to take a plea deal or if you should go to court.

They Provide Emotional Support

They may not be counsellors, but it’s reassuring to know that your criminal defence lawyer acts as a buffer between the criminal justice system and you. Facing a criminal charge is a high-pressure situation, but having their support can help to offset some of the psychological effects.

Criminal Defence Lawyers in Vancouver

Do you need a criminal defence lawyer who will advocate for you? At Johnson Doyle Nelson & Anderson, we’re committed to providing clients in Vancouver with the best legal representation possible. If you’re facing criminal charges, give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

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